New Vintage Artists

  • Nick Lopez (+more)

    Watch the pop charts! Barely 20 years old, this former RCA Records ghostwriter for Alicia Keys and Chance the Rapper is on the loose and dangerously creative! Nick Lopez opened for B.o.B. in Los Angeles, has released his second EP "Malibu" and is preparing for a national tour. Meet Nick in his recent magazine interviews with Axs, Galore and Elicit and collect his original tunes right here!

  • A-Don (+more)

    A-Don has a story to tell! From age 7, digging Outkast’s "Sorry Miss Jackson", to the rocket fuel of his first CD, Nelly’s "Country Grammar", A-Don started writing songs at 14. His older brother had an ancient computer, free recording software, and a mic screened with their mom’s pantyhose. A-Don sneaked into his room and his recording career began. From the street scene where he earned the meaning of his message, we introduce this authentic and extremely talented Christian rapper!

  • Mae McAleavy (+more)

    Meet an explosive young talent! Mae McAleavy's songs are a firecracker blend of classic rock, Northern California folk, laced with a healthy splash of hiphop. Superb songwriting in an old-soul voice (think Natalie Merchant meets Joni Mitchell), one shot of this 22-year-old’s music will knock your socks off and make you beg for more!

  • Austin Hill (+more)

    Prepare to have your heart stolen by the sexiest songs ever! This evocative 20-something singer-songwriter from northern Michigan (think James Taylor crossed with Bob Dylan and John Prine) showed up on our doorstep and stole ours. Austin plays guitar, piano, banjo, bass, harmonica, drums, and his voice will make you swoon. He doesn't just tame wolves, this one!

  • Coyote Club (+more)

    Ahooo! Singer-songwriters Chuck Johnson and DSound Moves, along with a collection of master musicians, including Melvin Seals and Mingo Lewis, fuse folk, pop, rock, R & B, funk, jazz and world music into a spicy musical brew. This debut album will get your feet a'dancing, your mind a'thinking, and make you howl for more!

  • Justin Kolas (+more)

    You’ve got "Friends" so just press play! We know you’ll be excited about this ultra-talented songwriter (think Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz). Justin picked up sax in 4th grade, piano and guitar in 8th, played in bands, sang, danced, acted and professionally juggled his way through Waldorf high school... attracting musical legend Mingo Lewis who co-produced Justin’s first EP, "Sounds and Silence" in 2015.

  • Kitty Garden (+more)

    Stow your tray table and join us in first class! This exquisite debut album is a musical trek across multiple time zones. Born in Wales, raised in New Zealand, educated in Brazil, Kitty Garden (think Nora Jones with Bob Dylan and Sérgio Mendes in the suitcase) blends bossa nova, gypsy jazz, Parisian swing, doo-wop, reggae, and four languages to tell tales of love, wanderlust, and social justice. Prepare to soar!

  • Hoytus Rolen (+more)

    We are proud to fly high this world-rock anthem from one of America's top musical talents! Hoytus has been rockin' the scene since Kansas City met the Summer of Love, collaborating with more famous musicians that can be listed here (see his full bio). Truly one of the great voices, guitarists, and songwriters of our time, Hoytus keeps 'bringing it' with High Fly. Side effects may include dancing!

  • Narayan from Zion (+more)

    info coming soon!

  • Mark Cabunoc (+more)

    Think of blending Jason Mraz, Andy Grammer, Sara Bareilles, and Bruno Mars. Think intriguing lyrics and energetic sounds. Then listen and enjoy! We are thrilled to carry this young Canadian singer/songwriter supertalent, now located in San Francisco. You discovered him here!

  • Mingo Lewis (+more)

    Every music lover should own this album! Former percussionist with Santana, Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, and The Tubes, powerhouse virtuoso Mingo Lewis, son of NY blues legend Babyface Lewis, started performing in Harlem at age 6! The world instruments and spicy Afro-Cuban electronica, songwriting, vocals, keyboards, drums, percussions and production is all Mingo. This album is smokin' hot and funky!