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Austin Hill is a singer-songwriter from a small town in northern Michigan. He was given his first guitar at 13 and spent most of his younger years there in his country home learning guitar and writing songs. In 2013, Austin took a month-long road trip to California with a friend and ended up signing a record deal with New Vintage Artists.

In Austin’s own words: “When people ask me what kind of music I like, or what kind of music I play, I can’t think of any answer other than ‘good music’. I like music that makes you feel good, music that makes it feel good to feel bad, music that makes you dance, and music that tells a story. You can take any emotion, and through the filter of music it becomes beautiful. Every song has a purpose. I write music that I want to hear. I write music that makes me happy, and hope it does the same for others.”

Austin plays guitar, piano, banjo, bass, harmonica, some drums, and likes to be involved in the recording and production process.

You can hear a diverse range of influences in Austin’s music, including Conor Oberst, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, John Prine, Iron and Wine, Tupac, Sublime, Elton John, The Avett Brothers, Coldplay, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, The White Stripes, Joel Plaskett, Radiohead and many more.

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