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On the way to fulfilling a lifelong dream of turning my songs into a album, I crossed paths with a number of talented and inspired musicians, from my steadfast sidekicks, the profoundly-soulful Anthony Vito on drums and the gifted singer-songwriter and keyboardist, Douglas Wafford (DSound Moves), to the melodic Jim Incciardi on saxophone, sublimely-fluid Larry Natalini on lead guitar and the incomparably-exuberant Kelly-the-Singer Smith on vocals. Each lent their inspiration, support and talents to the work. Vocals were rounded out with help from Shawna Miller, Tule Azule, Gayatree Jones, Sukuwat Ali Kahn, Rodney Gregory and Mae McAleavy.

As fortune would have it, nearing the final stages of production, I met musical legends, Mingo Lewis and Melvin Seals, who had played with Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia, respectively, two heroes of my youth and significant musical influences.—Chuck Johnson, “Don Coyote” of Coyote Club and owner, New Vintage Artists.

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