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Kitty Garden’s debut album “Remember Me” is the the story of a young woman and global citizen. Kitty grew up listening to the music of her multi-instrumentalist father, sounds from Latin jazz and Bob Dylan forming her early years. After studying music and Capoeira at University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she brings to performances an authority and passion one would expect in an artist well beyond her years.

Currently residing in New Zealand, Kitty Garden is not “just another face from some distant place,” to borrow a phrase from her lyrics. This penultimate world citizen with a guitar full of original songs, made a fortuitous trek through Northern California where she met Chuck Johnson and laid the tracks for Remember Me.

NVA owner, Chuck Johnson, remembers it like this: “I met Kitty in Capoeira class, where I learned that she was a musician and had just returned from Brazil. As we shared a mutual love of Bossa Nova, I invited her to the studio for a jam. Noting her mastery of Brazilian cover songs, I asked if she had any original pieces—and what amazing pieces they were! The next day, we recorded eight of her songs with one microphone and her $20 guitar. Her songs were so compelling I must have listened to each of those eight tracks 40 times in a row!

“Working on her album, Remember Me, we sought to preserve Kitty’s sublime authenticity, enhancing it with carefully-selected supporting collaborators. Her unique musical expressions are global, fresh, provocative—and just plain fun!”

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