Natasha Blume

This is my Story

A living documentary, emerging poet laureate and wanderlust bohemian, Natasha’s music-like her life-is a story unfolding. Literally the daughter of a preacher man, she developed her musical roots performing in the churches her father ministered. Appointed principal keyboardist of the church band by age twelve, Natasha was given the mic at fourteen to lead congregations through their Pentecostal Christian revivals.

Empowered and motivated, she took her enthusiasm to any stage including the political–tenuring four years as class president. A momentum that was met with tragic loss of her father and yet pain proved the birthplace of artistry as Natasha secretly began to write what she had always understood as secular music, speaking to the angst and trappings of early adulthood through the eyes of an ambitious, type A and eventual sorority misfit. Traveling the world as a student enrolled in Semester at Sea, far from the church and its regiments, Natasha found her true voice performing these songs for both her alma mater and the anonymous passerby. Deciding to commit wholly, her arrival in Hollywood was picture perfect: hopelessly unemployed, unknowingly housed with a heroin-addicted prostitute and fending off induction by the nearby Church of Scientology.

Enter producer Jay Arr through a chance Hotel Roosevelt encounter that led to a miscegenation that literally writes the score of Natasha’s biography. His contemporary, apocalyptic compositions and her eerie vocal impertinence stretch the definition of a recycled pop genre with its soulful originality and powerful illustration of unspoken emotions.

Natasha Blume is less about tragedy itself, but the bittersweet reality of acceptance. Her songwriting expands upon these experiences and their asylum in a mesmerizing, urban electropop sound.


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