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Listening to Nick Lopez’s music brings visions of Malibu, summertime and cold drinks. A prime example is “Pink Champagne,” a bop that is perfect for long drives down the PCH.

Nick’s music just makes you feel good.

Now living in Malibu, Nick spends his days oftentimes as portrayed in his music. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a young teen, Nick went to as many open mic nights as he possibly could just to perform in front of people. Throughout high school he released mixtapes that did very well locally, eventually getting circulation on local radio.

Nick moved to Los Angeles in 2015, where he recorded and released his first EP “Bring It On Home.” After much online success from that release, he continued releasing singles throughout 2016, and performed at higher profile events. In 2016, Nick also began to write for other recording artists, scoring some of the biggest song placements of the year, and solidifying his position as a power player in the Los Angeles music scene.

He recently released a new EP, appropriately entitled “Malibu” and a single “Good Liquor,” which peaked at number one on the SoundCloud charts.

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