Nick Lopez’s summer is all about working hard and playing hard. On his recent trip to Hawaii with his fellow creators, Anthony Russo and Kyle, Nick produced new music while soaking in the island beauty.


In Hawaii, Nick shot a new music video for one of his songs and also wrote five new songs. The new songs all have acoustic guitar, giving a laid-back vibe.


While the setting of Hawaii didn’t inspire the songs, it gave Nick the space and time to focus solely on making music, which is something he cannot always do in the bustling city of Los Angeles.


“It just was nice because we were able to get out of LA entirely,” Nick said. “When we are LA, we have so many other things to focus on. It was really nice to only focus on making music.”


This is not just Nick’s first time writing songs in Hawaii — it’s his first time in Hawaii at all and his first songwriting trip as well. Working with people he trusts and who also sees his musical vision helped make the trip an enjoyable one.


“It’s always smooth sailing working with those two,” Nick said.