In a world where there seems to be an unending amount of music, we’ve gotta wonder how much of it are we missing? Could there be an artist out there who has the potential to be our new favorite musician? Probably, but in a sea of music that often flies under the radar in popularity, how are we ever supposed to find it?

This is where Spotify comes in.

The Discover Weekly feature on Spotify is arguably one of the best features within the app because it does all the work of searching for new music for you. Even better than that is that it’s not random, it’s actually based off of what you’re already listening to. Truthfully, week by week it can be a major hit or miss, but even if you can find one new song that you love, then you can expand off of that by creating a radio station based off of that song. The playlist is about 30 songs long and gives you the option to like or dislike each song to make it even more catered to your taste.

Basically, it’s a way easier way to find new artists instead of struggling through listening to the radio and not being able to skip through the songs that suck along the way.

If I’m being honest it’s the Discover Weekly playlist that got me truly hooked on Spotify in the first place. Having far surpassed Pandora at this point, Spotify is showing that it’s not just about the library of music they have available (although they kick ass in that area too) it’s about how they actually deliver music to their audience. Shockingly, whatever algorithm they’re using to create the supposedly user specific playlist tends to accurately match the tone of other playlists and artists you’re already listening to. And I know what you’re thinking– duh. Shouldn’t this be an obvious fact since that’s sort of the whole point of the feature?

Well, yes, it should be, but when has an app ever actually lived up to our expectations? I’m looking at you Snapchat. So go on and expand your library of artists. There’s so many out there that are just waiting to be discovered, and no one is discriminated against in this playlist. In fact just the other day I found myself listening to a YouTuber I didn’t know was a musician in the first place and I didn’t even hate it.