NVA Studio, a premium sound studio in downtown Sebastopol, CA, is
available for recording, mixing, rehearsal, or small-event space.
Rent with or without engineer, or bring your own.
studio specs

Large live room – 500 sq. ft.
Two isolation booths
Finely-tuned control room
Drum kit set up and available for use
Many other props, music stands, amps, etc.
Fully-equipped kitchen & bath
Unlimited private parking
Access to many multiple-genre pro engineers and producers as well as session musicians for your project.

tech + equip

Supported DAWS
Logic & Pro Tools
Premium Preamps
Neve, Manley, Universal Audio, Focusrite
Premium Mics
Neuman U87, L103 (2)
Rode NT5 (2), NT2-A, K2
AKG 414 (2), 100S (2), D112
Audix – 6 piece drum mic kit
Earthworks small condenser (2)
Sure SM57 (2)
Sunheiser 421 (2)  >plus others

Rates starting at $15/hr

Hours of operation 9AM-10PM
All time is from load in to load out
Subject to availability in schedule
For bulk rates and lockouts please call

About NVA Studio

Some spaces have a life of their own. Such was the case with NVA Studio, built and designed in 2008 by NVA founder, Chuck Johnson. The original intent for the studio (then called Sebtown Studio) was simply a place for musicians to come together. But the space had a “build it and they will come” destiny and in 2011, it became home base for the NVA music label. Chuck’s talent as a musician and builder (owner of Artisan Builders), and his deep roots in high-end concert venues having grown up in the Marin Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, brought a merging of beauty, functionality, and world-class sound.